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Registration and Payments:

For Holistic Journeys International Trips, you will be asked to complete the form below and make your deposit to secure your space on an international trip. Payment can be made via check, via PayPal, or through Facebook Messenger’s Pay program. Please feel free to contact Rebecca for questions, information on specific countries or locations, or to satisfy your curiosity. We also request that you carry international health and/or travel insurance for all international trips.

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Why Holistic Journeys?        Immersion in a cross-cultural eco-wellness experience can enhance your quality of life and offer unique soft adventure opportunities specific to the regions and countries we explore.  The focus of our experience is to link personal wellness, cross-cultural immersion in Art, Music, Tradition with Cultural Cuisine and Food and Market to Table opportunities..  We weave nature awareness with creative art expression focusing on the ethnobotany, flora and fauna and environmental impact of our footsteps worldwide.  Our trips can be geared to all ages, families and are inclusive of gender, sexual orientation or special abilities, but talk to us to ensure this is right for you at this time.   We run all of experiences through a lens of respect, awareness, impact and appreciation.

Below is a collection of useful information and links for those joining Holistic Journeys on an international retreat or eco-wellness adventure.

Country Information Sheets:


Costa Rica

Packing Suggestions:

The following are general packing guidelines for all international trips. We highly suggest one suitcase on rollers and one small backpack (carry-on ) for day trips and outings.

Raingear: A light rain jacket or windbreaker is very useful (essential if your trip includes activities in higher elevations or cloud forests.) A light-weight pair of gloves, warm hat, socks, hiking boots may be needed in higher elevations. Some folks love hiking poles if you have questionable knees.  If you bring a walking stick make sure it can collapse and fit in your suitcase.

Hat: For rain and sun shield is a must, something lightweight and foldable. I also pack a couple of bandanas and wrap around scarf, they just come in handy.

Clothing: Lightweight cotton or quick dry pants and or travel skirts are better than jeans.  Bring a couple pairs of shorts and a bathing suit, a couple pairs of yoga pants and one or two long-sleeved light weight shirts for sunny days, one sweater or microfleece shirt for cool mornings, and a couple travel T-s or short-sleeved shirts or yoga tops.  Quick drying cotton or smart wool socks are best with heavier pair for hiking is also recommended.  I also love a sarong, vs. a swimming towel as I can use it as a wrap as well.

Footwear: Lightweight hiking boots or running shoes are adequate.  Rubber boots will be made available for night hike.  Strapped water shoes are nice for water events or light hiking and general comfort.  Depending on the specific adventure, if you plan some of the more cloud forest or mountain summits like  Mt. Chirripo, you will need more sturdy boots, hiking poles and layered warmer cloths and lightweight rain gear.

Flashlight: Absolutely indispensable, don’t come without it.  Bring extra batteries and a spare bulb.  Better yet, bring a second flashlight (head lamp best to keep your hands free and if you are doing night explorations one with a red bulb option is essential) for a back-up.  Your cell phone may also double as one but you will feel better at night if you have one.

First aid: Besides any medications (and a backup in case you lose a pack or it is one you essential to your health), bring bandaids, moleskin for blisters, and antibiotic cream.  Sun blocker lotion is very important.  Mosquitoes can be a problem during some seasons, so insect repellent is recommended.  There are many quality natural alternatives and due to new mosquito borne diseases, DEET is now recommended (see special listing) Antihistamines , Aspirin or substitute,  Imodium and or a stool softener  if you are prone to travelers constipation, an Antihistaminic lotion (Calamine), arnica  and a deep muscle rub is good to bring.  I love my homeopathics and tinctures but that’s up to you.  One that works well for me in case of flu or stomach issues is Oscillococcinum.   Ear plugs may also be handy if you are a light sleeper.

Personal hygiene items:  Quality sunglasses, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, soap, shampoo, condoms, tampons (flushable or burnable applicator only) sewing kit, scissors, knife, (must not be in carry-on)  pack of travel tissues and wet wipes,  lots of plastic bags to put things in to keep them dry, water bottle with tight-fitting lids.   Please refrain from bringing lots of electric devices like curling irons, hair dryers, and/or strong smelling perfumes.

Program materials: Notebooks, pens, cameras, binoculars, I-Pad/lap-tops, yoga mat (some locations offer mats). If you bring a music device or an I-Pod, please bring ear plugs so that others may enjoy the sounds of nature.

Remember when you pack, all items that are red listed for airlines should be stowed and not in your carry-on.

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