Holistic Health

Wellness and Lifestyle Assessment

As a Certified Natural Healthcare Professional Rebecca Wood has core training in Herbology, Irridology, Body Systems and Nutrition. She holds advanced certificates in Herbology, BACH Flower Therapy, Irridology, Differential Diagnosis. Rebecca educates you the client in wholefood, healthy life style choices, herbs, Essential Oils and Flower Remedies so together you can choose an appropriate path to sustained wellness. A personalized Life Style Consultation may include: personal habits, diet, glycemic index, allergy response, exercise, body type, BMI. A Constitutional Assessment/ Differential Diagnosis may include: face, tongue, nails, a referral to a reputable iridologist, stress index, and standard lab analysis of urine, CBC, hsCRP (done at local medical lab). A prescription review and A Personalized Schedule of Recommendations ( PSR) will be made including menus, supplements, herbs, exercise, socio-emotional support, prescription use, detox strategies and time line.

Nutriton & Diet

Whole Food Nutrition & Detox Planning

Adhering to individual constitutions, health issues, personal goals and seasonality.  Local food, whole and wildfood and organic non GMO are all aspects of individualized assessment and planning. Techniques in cooking and healthy recipes, and shopping tips are included as well as an ongoing newsletter and email support in keeping you on track.


Natural & Herbal Protocols

Hopewood offers Personal Assessments using herbs, flower essences, aromatherapy as well provides workshops ifor you or your group in Seasonal Wellness, How to create your own Hydrosols, Aromatherapy Basics, Natural Cosmetics & Skin care and more.