Hopewood Holistic Health Services

Hopewood Holistic Health not only supports the ideal of  “sense of place and a spirit of hope” but subscribes to the belief that personal action in life-style behaviors leads to real and lasting changes. We believe that you are the key to your health. Personal goal setting, education, support systems and life coaching are part of our customized practice to help you manifest wellness for the rest of your life.

Hopewood Holistic Health provides uniquely simple solutions for personal health, sustainable living and eco-adventure. Individual, group and eco-wellness events include a continuum of integrated health options. Explore the benefits of yoga, qi gong, reiki, pranassage body alignment and gentle fitness. Experience the taste and simplicity of meals prepared with wholefoods, wild foods and herbs. Learn how to integrate all of these practices  in individual or small group settings .

Hopewood Holistic Health will also help you to enhance your wellness practice with lifestyle changes through applying holistic home, landscape and community design strategies. Learn to integrate simple solutions based on permaculture, sustainable solutions and natural products. Hopewood is dedicated to creating a “sense of place” so you can achieve comfort, confidence and well-being throughout your life.

This array of services is available through workshops, personal consultations and training seminars, or through eco-wellness adventures.

It’s time to take time, to choose the path to well-being… the journey starts now.