How Can Someone be Soooo Fortunate?

Join Rebecca Wood of Hopewood Holistic Health for these 2018 Holistic Journeys!  Val and Lura help host Holistic Journey’s The Art & Science in Wellness II March 3-10 In The Blue Zone of Costa Rica….. and Mimi Morrison of Touch the Earth Adventures will join us in Costa Rica Adventures, March 16-24!

Luna Nueva Lodge, Costa RicaI am soooo excited to announce that March 16-24, 2018, Costa Rica Adventure is full, we will miss you but there’s options.for next year or to join in LIfe’s a Beach March 3-10, there are still 5 spots available.  The committed yogis and adventurers will be sharing time at one of my favorite places, Finca Luna Nueva near Arenal Volcano and and the bustling town of La Fortuna.  Just a 20 minute drive from this tourist distention  will bring you to the beautiful Regenerative Agriculture and Biodynamic Farm to Table venue, Finca Luna. Nueva!  Relax, hike, bird, enjoy the yoga platform, the tranquility of the solar hottub, the hammock on your porch and the oh so yummie meals.

Cultural activities will include farm tours, tours of towns and markets and oh yes, traditional chocolate making…. of course!  Learn the history and how to of bean to bar and then experience the rich, healthy treat you created! Check out the Chocolate experience at Fina Luna!  Click here to experience A Taste of Chocolate!

This year’s group will enjoy all of this plus kayaking on nearby Lake Arenal, the Penas Blancas River, hiking about the base of the majestic Arenal, luxuriating in the local thermal springs, viewing the plethora of wildlife and tropical beauty and yes, just enjoying the culture, adventure and tropical beauty.

Our last two days find us ensconced in the beauty and amenities of the Buena Vista Adventure Lodge near Liberia.  This hotel destination is an adventure in itself, but it will also be our launch pad for a full day tour of near by Rincon De La Vieja National Park  Wow….

Life’s a Beach: So Enjoy it!  Now more news, due to some damage from Hurricane Ned, we have made some changes to Life’s A Beach March 3-10, 2018.  We are now up on the mountain looking down over the Whale’s Tail from Vista Ballena’s incredible hotel, restaurant and wellness venue!  Our first 4 nights are the lap of luxury with views, yoga, eco-tours and wellness adventures into selfcare yoga/MFR, Chakra exploration with oils, art, mudra and self massage, Ayurveda and your constitution and mindful meditation with art, breath and writing explorations.  We will hike, swim in waterfalls, create sumi ink impressions in the Bamboo Forest and experience the sunset and sunrise as only this tropical setting can offer.  Our 5th night will find us at a well established eco-lodge, Hacienda Baru just a bit up the coast.  This wildlife laden jungle paradise has tranquil beaches to wander, trails to lead you into the jungle and a Canopy Walk and Zip, the Flight of the Tocan for those of interest to soar among the tree tops!

Night 6 is a journey to one of the most secret hots springs I know of.  Yes it is a bit of a shuttle, but take advantage of seeing more of Costa Rica, the culture, the views!  Then settle into comfortable accommodations at the Hotel and thermal pools of Termales de Bosque.… You won’t regret it. I might now be able to get you out of the 7 different natural hot pools seeping into gently landscaped forest, massage or spa treatments are available as is swim up beverage service…..

Our last day journey will be short 1.5 hour shuttle to the lovely and comfortable Hotel Buena Vista just 30 minutes from the SJO International Airport.  This makes our last afternoon and evening easy, giving us plenty of time to enjoy, reflect and look toward our passage home.  Learn more about each adventure then give me a shout!

Life’s a Beach: So ENJOY it! March 3 – 10, 2018 Itinerary  

Join us for a Costa Rican Adventure-Itinerary 2018 

Fun Facts About Costa Rica

Get Wild- A Day in the Woods….Wild Gourmet Food for 40, Hydrosol How to’s and Spring 2018 Chicken Stu Event with West Virginia Extension and Urban !

There are so many opportunities to Get Wild and explore Your Backyard and Beyond!

backyard alchemy hydrosols and essential oils

Summer 2017 found the United Plant Savers’ Interns dabbling in alchemy by making Hydrosols with my Copper Alembic Still. I also set up a demonstration of how to make a table top version with large cook pots for an Anybody Can Kitchen Apothecary approach! It was a great group to work with, they picked plenty of Arborvitae Thuja occidentalis for the large still and we created a facial toner of rose, lavender and lemon balm for a refreshing and renewing spritzer in the table top demo. While we waited, poured, changed the water we all ‘wafted” our way through Jeannie Rose’s The Vocabulary of Oder. How fun. Once we where done pouring off both still, they had to sniff there way to deciding which of the 7 Odors their alchemy produced and you know what, they all came up with very similar review! Young noses. They also named and labeled their labors appropriately!

Unitred Plant Savers Botanical Sanctuary
History of UPS

Spring of 2017 found Hopewood Holistic Health and partners OSU Extension, United Plant Savers and  Rural Action offering Wild Food for 40 and more… It was an extension of OSU’s A Day in the Woods where normally share a Wild Slide presentation, talk and walk about to about 50-70 interested Ohioans. This adventure was an opportunity  to get their fingernails dirty planting Ramps with Tanner, walking the woods with me and learning to prepare and eat those tasty Wild Treats! It was a great success.   Wild gourmet food for 40 from soup to nuts  or should I say nettles to ramps!   Lunch demos and eats included; nettle wild mushroom quiche, nettle ramp wild mushroom lasagna, ramp garlic mustard pesto and hummus, ramp crackers, violet-goat cheese roll up canopies, wild mixed green salad, violet honey, violet butter, pickled ramps, wild mushroom pate,.  We started the morning with paw paw/persimmon and strawberry/knot-weed muffins…. Dandelion coffee, nettle mint tea and roasted root Tea.  Oh it was a busy, tasty day.

Wild, wonderful and free for the picking

Thank you all who came and thank you United Plant Savers for hosting our pre A Day in The Woods OSU Extension’s “How to” Wild Plants event.  Rural Action, you all rock and Tanner… Yes Ramp Man…. we can now, not only dig ’em… we can plant and propagate ’em.. too, a much more sustainable solution. I  Could not have done this event  without the help of herbal volunteers and Paleo-cooks, Kim and Kim and Bill, Crazy Dave and Jenn… past students, friends, and inspiring herbalists!

Test your wild plant knowledge, you know more than you think.

It was a lovely, vibrant spring day, we where lucky to catch the sun amidst a raining week… thank you Green Goddess and Sun Spirits!  40 plus folks came from all over Ohio and Pa to join in the fun and be delighted by taste tantalizing treats from the wild (with help from lots of friends and Nature’s Bounty… cooking for 3 days prior).


Much was shared, Chip and John shared a presentation about  the history and great new plans at United Plant Saver’s Goldenseal Botanical Sanctuary (please join, become a Botanical Sanctuary Member, Sponsor Herb Students and or donate to the new James Duke Library and Welcome Center).  A project near and dear to my heart.    Paul Strauss was there as well as Chip, an

umm umm good

d John, caretakers and Office Manager extraordinaire,

It really was a  beautiful day at United Plant Savers with artists, herbalists, students and Lonnie, newest manager and steward of herbs and yoga at Equinox Botanicals.  I feel we are in good hands with the next generation… but hold on, the older generation ins’t done yet, there is so much to share, learn and love!  Come visit, hike, stay the weekend in the Tornado Cabin or one of the rooms in the “barn” pretty nice “barn” accommodations….stroll, walk, swim, be inspired by nature at it’s  best.

It was a day to learn how to… Yes, How to make our own… food from the wild and as importantly, why… we ate, oh we ate…and we hiked, botanized, took time to sit in the sanctuary only Nature can offer and  ponder. We learned to Id and plant ramps and felt community with new and old friends and nature.

So many Thanks…. to each and every one.  Next year?  Who knows, Wild food for 100! Oh joy!  Just need a little help from my friends and our Green Plant Allies…………… now go ahead, I dare you….”Get the Green Spark

Upcoming 2018 will find Hopewood on April 12-14  at the West Virginia’s Urban Agriculture Gathering Chicken Stew!  Thanks for the invite Annette Ericksen of West Va Extension.  Plan to enjoy a Walk about Exploring Food Security and Value Added Products in Your Backyard & Beyond and maybe a second session Permaculture Solutions Large or Small, It all Starts with a Resource Inventory!  Should be a bountiful time of year to explore Wild Urban Solutions.

It’s Time to Take Time but do it NOW to Save!

New Early Bird Date

Val, Lura and I are so excited to share The Art & Science in Wellness II this year in The Blue Zone of Costa Rica! Ahhh Yes, find yourself nestled just outside of Uvita, Costa Rica immersed in Waterfalls, Bamboo Forests, spotting Whales and Dolphins and delving deep into yoga, art expression, creative movement,  meditation, breath and more.  New for you this year is the access to YACEP logo CEU’s or CMU’s in Allied Health, Yoga and Massage, just ask.  So join us and experience Yoga in new ways, open and balance your Chakras, discover your Dosha and renew your spirit!

Some folks are already signed up but to ensure early bird saving to all, I do need to alert folks to one new change, I am shifting to a new marketing company, and they take a percentage.  So early bird prices will end earlier than stated on the first flyer.  I will be redoing it and reposting it but for your convenience and saving, I am sending out the alert now.  Stated EB prices will end November 15th. and the regular price of $1,750.00 will stand regardless if you book through me or after November 15, 2017.   It’s their policy that I only have one price advertised.

$1,750.00 is still an outstanding price for the event as it includes sweet accommodations, amazing cultural cuisine, all in-country travel, guides, entrance fees, all your yoga, art and materials and  a chance to be in one of the healthiest, happiest most  beautiful places in Costa Rica.   Experience the Playa and beauty of The Ballena National Park and the jungles and cloud forests from N to S in this amazingly diverse gem of a country.

To register or for more information follow the links below  or contact Rebecca with any questions you might have.  740-590-3954 or  Yes, It’s Time to Take Time!  Discover wellness, renew your commitment, find the joy  as you  gain new insights and techniques that will broaden and deepen your skills in teaching or your personal practice.  Namaste


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Meeting Your co-host for Holistic Journey’s Costa Rican Adventures March 16-24 2018

Hopewood Holistic Health loves to collaborate with talented and skilled professionals and upcoming 2018 Holistic Journeys  features some of the best,  so follow me as you take a moment to explore Mimi  Morrison and Touch the Earth Adventures and find out just where this adventure is going to take you!  Rebecca Wood 

Hopewood is thrilled to collaborate with Mimi Morrison of Touch the Earth Adventures. (TEA)   Mimi launched TEA in 1994.  She shared “It was and is her mission to create outdoor adventures to empower women and to encourage them to find connection with Mother Earth”.  Holistic Journeys shares that mission (for women, men, children and families) and loves creating an environment that facilitates everyone in ‘finding a sense of place, wonder and ahhhh in the world’.  

Mimi, a native of Southeast Ohio, lives with the forested hills, cliffs, lakes and rivers and uses them as the platform to share her love of earth energy with others by leading hiking and kayaking trips.   She has lead groups in Cape Cod, North and South Carolina, Virginia as well as  every nook and cranny known to outdoor enthusiasts in SE Ohio.

The inspiration to create Touch the Earth Adventures began from a lifetime exploring the outdoors and immersing herself  in the Wilderness, by canoe, in Quetico in Canada.  I’ve been there and Wow, what a beautiful and remote piece of paradise and throughout the eastern seaboard and Southern Appalachia mountains.  During one of these trips Mimi experienced a  chance and powerful encounter with a  Native American who was walking to DC to protest eservation conditions.  After that encounter, Mimi had a vision to create experiences, particularly leading women, to find deeper connections with our Mother Earth.  Hopewood shares that commitment and incorporates sustainable understanding,  responsible personal actions and an appreciation of cultural uniqueness and it’s role in conservation and preservation into every adventure experience.  

Mimi and I have a shared passion for leading trips and Mimi was drawn to the Eco-wellness  Adventures offed by Holistic Journeys Casa Luna Portadathroughout Costa Rica and Central America.  Both Mimi and I share a deep love for Costa Rica and it’s diverse life zone, critters, birds, plants and of course FUN!  Thus a new collaboration was born and we are offering it to YOU!

Your home away from home on this adventure includes two exquisite facilities; Finca Luna Nueva Lodge  , am amazing biodynamic,  sacred seed, farm to table educational jungle lodge and Buena Vista Adventure Lodge, our setting to relax, reflect and base our last adventure, exploring Rincon de la Vieja  from.  It is also conveniently close to the Liberia International airport.

Mimi and I both invite YOU to explore the mystery, beauty and peace of Costa Rica.  Sustainable Adventure and an exploration of Wellness  is calling, why not join us. In the words of Thoreou, “Go forth under the open sky and listen to Natures Teachings.”  This is an amazing opportunity to Find Yourself and a Sense of Place in the World!  

Contact Rebecca Wood of Hopewood Holistic Health for more information or to register.  Make sure you k with a buddy and take advantage of Early Bird Discounts.    Feel free to call or email and don’t forget to share this blog and adventure with your friends and family.   

For more information on Mimi Morrison and TEA contact her at or   You can also contact me, Rebecca  to register or for any additional details or questions, I look forward to speaking with you.

“We must go beyond textbooks, go out into the bypaths and untrodden depths of the wilderness and travel and explore and tell the world the glories of our journey”.  John Hope Franklin

Here we go again… Holistic Journeys & friends, 2018 Adventures!

Holistic Journeys is offering two amazing Adventures in Wellness this 2018. Join Mimi Morrison of  Touch the Earth Adventures and  me (Rebecca ) of Hopewood Holistic Health for a Kayak, Hike, Hotsprings and Gentle Yoga experience in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica.  Our adventure will take us along the shores of Lake Arenal, down the Penas Blancas River and to the National Park of Ricon de la Viejo…. that’s just part of the adventure.  Our accommodations are stellar: Finca Luna Neuva and Buena Vista Lodge will be our home for this journey and you will have plenty of time just to swim, sit, listen and be in this tropical paradise.

March 3-10th take us to the Blue Zone of Costa Rica near Uvita.  We will SUP board the Whale’s Tail, hike the bamboo forests, meditate in waterfalls and kayak the mangroves.  Daily Yoga and creative Art Exploration will again open your heart, mind and body to being the best you can be…. Join Lura, Val and me for this tropical beach excursion into YOU!

To register for either of these travel events contact contact Rebecca at 7400-590-3954 or email me at  No questions to small so give a shout and let’s see how we can ensure you are a part of this Adventure in Wellness.

The Arts & Science in Wellness 2017 Memories

Spring is Here but the Memories of The Art & Science in Wellness are held dear…

Revisiting our 2017 Holistic Journey in Costa Rica

yoga, art, meditation, costa ric
The Art the Science of Wellness in Costa Rica

It was an honor and an extraordinary adventure in Wellness, Culture, Yoga, Herbs and Art, to host this past February ‘s Holistic Journey in Costa Rica.  The group smiled from day one and each participant brought their own unique personality and gifts to compliment our goals of ‘Finding Ourselves through the World’ and rekindling our commitment to health, yoga, meditation, healthy food and habits, laughter and cultivating a creative spirit.

Contemplating our Creativity

We could not have been more fortunate to land at Finca Luna Nueva (please take time to check them out  – you can’t go wrong incorporating their amazing sustainable, bio-dynamic farm to table venue into your next Costa Rican Adventure). The staff and guides were attentive, knowledgeable, and FUN.  The food and kitchen staff, OMG…yes, it was hard to leave and know I had to return home to cook for myself (and I love to cook!)


The rooms, be they private bungalows or shared spacious doubles, were comfortable and quaint when quiet time was needed or  time just to relax and reflect.  The amazing pool, hot tub (fed with mountain fresh water,) dining area, massage room, hiking trails, and on-site workshops offered something for everyone at all times.

art meditation
It’s all about the focus

Our daily yoga was shared by skilled  and unique instructors Valarie Dearing, Lura Shopteau and myself. Afternoon meditation, art, and herbal explorations offered more than the experience of your average yoga get-away.

I particularly resonated the tropical beauty of Costa Rica and with each person’s own inner ability to pull images from their mind and surroundings to place on paper with ink, flowers, or paint during Valerie’s incredible guided art explorations.  I will continue this technique in my home in the foothills of Appalachia, as art is an amazing meditation technique for being fully present and aware of the beauty that surrounds us.

So, thanks to all who joined in the journey and see you all, new and old followers of ‘Holistic Journeys’ in next year’s Costa Rican Adventure (and a new experience in Guatemala!)  Watch our website and Facebook for dates and details.  Be sure to take advantage of early bird registration!! Remember it’s time to take time, and find yourself through the world.

Holistic Journeys Costa Rica 2017 Waterfall
Adventure Explorations

Departure is Drawing Near

Ahhhh, a beautifulimg_1918l autumn and super moon is bestowed upon Southeastern Ohio…. I am grateful for so many things; friends, family, nature surrounding me, my purrring kitties.  As the temperatures drop and frost is coating the remaining garden of cold hearty greens.

I love my long walks in brisk temperatures and ponder snow angels and skiing,  yearn to slow down, retreat inside, enjoy a hot lavender bath with a good book  and yet I am also drawn to the land of tropical delights jungle sounds,  oceans, and a new set of medicinal plants to smell, taste, img_2122use and be thankful for.

This years trip to  Finca Luna Neuva  and Hotel Bougainvillea  is fast approaching. and because of the of the elections and hesitation and fear of many  we are extending our Early Bird savings and registration to Dec. 1st.  Please consider taking advantage of this opportunity to find wellness through yoga, nature, art, meditation, relaxation and healing herbs.  Find new dimensions of yourself through the world of culture, travel, new horizons.

I extend thanks to Fcasa_luna_roominca Luna for supporting us on that deadline extension.   It really is Time to Take Time…. join us in the jungles and beauty of Costa Rica, Join us at Finca Luna and explore sustainable ways to work with the bounty of nature.  Walk the trails of Finca Luna and take the time just to be in this exquisite setting.
So come, explore yoga, meditation and art with Rebecca, Lura and Val.   Share what is good about our cultuimg_1586re with the lovely culture of Costa Rica.  I myself am particularly excited about the direction of Creative Art Play and Mudra work Chakra balancing and just in personal expression and freedom of paint brush in hand.  The  inner me…. coming out.  It’s one of the most freeing expediences I know, and Valerie is amazing at leading these workshops.

So make your dreams come true find yourself in a tropical paradise this winter, find your creative side, your quiet side, contact me at Hopwood Holistic Health with questions or to register.  It’s Time….IMG_8071