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New Early Bird Date

Val, Lura and I are so excited to share The Art & Science in Wellness II this year in The Blue Zone of Costa Rica! Ahhh Yes, find yourself nestled just outside of Uvita, Costa Rica immersed in Waterfalls, Bamboo Forests, spotting Whales and Dolphins and delving deep into yoga, art expression, creative movement,  meditation, breath and more.  New for you this year is the access to YACEP logo CEU’s or CMU’s in Allied Health, Yoga and Massage, just ask.  So join us and experience Yoga in new ways, open and balance your Chakras, discover your Dosha and renew your spirit!

Some folks are already signed up but to ensure early bird saving to all, I do need to alert folks to one new change, I am shifting to a new marketing company, and they take a percentage.  So early bird prices will end earlier than stated on the first flyer.  I will be redoing it and reposting it but for your convenience and saving, I am sending out the alert now.  Stated EB prices will end November 15th. and the regular price of $1,750.00 will stand regardless if you book through me or after November 15, 2017.   It’s their policy that I only have one price advertised.

$1,750.00 is still an outstanding price for the event as it includes sweet accommodations, amazing cultural cuisine, all in-country travel, guides, entrance fees, all your yoga, art and materials and  a chance to be in one of the healthiest, happiest most  beautiful places in Costa Rica.   Experience the Playa and beauty of The Ballena National Park and the jungles and cloud forests from N to S in this amazingly diverse gem of a country.

To register or for more information follow the links below  or contact Rebecca with any questions you might have.  740-590-3954 or  Yes, It’s Time to Take Time!  Discover wellness, renew your commitment, find the joy  as you  gain new insights and techniques that will broaden and deepen your skills in teaching or your personal practice.  Namaste


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Meeting Your co-host for Holistic Journey’s Costa Rican Adventures March 16-24 2018

Hopewood Holistic Health loves to collaborate with talented and skilled professionals and upcoming 2018 Holistic Journeys  features some of the best,  so follow me as you take a moment to explore Mimi  Morrison and Touch the Earth Adventures and find out just where this adventure is going to take you!  Rebecca Wood 

Hopewood is thrilled to collaborate with Mimi Morrison of Touch the Earth Adventures. (TEA)   Mimi launched TEA in 1994.  She shared “It was and is her mission to create outdoor adventures to empower women and to encourage them to find connection with Mother Earth”.  Holistic Journeys shares that mission (for women, men, children and families) and loves creating an environment that facilitates everyone in ‘finding a sense of place, wonder and ahhhh in the world’.  

Mimi, a native of Southeast Ohio, lives with the forested hills, cliffs, lakes and rivers and uses them as the platform to share her love of earth energy with others by leading hiking and kayaking trips.   She has lead groups in Cape Cod, North and South Carolina, Virginia as well as  every nook and cranny known to outdoor enthusiasts in SE Ohio.

The inspiration to create Touch the Earth Adventures began from a lifetime exploring the outdoors and immersing herself  in the Wilderness, by canoe, in Quetico in Canada.  I’ve been there and Wow, what a beautiful and remote piece of paradise and throughout the eastern seaboard and Southern Appalachia mountains.  During one of these trips Mimi experienced a  chance and powerful encounter with a  Native American who was walking to DC to protest eservation conditions.  After that encounter, Mimi had a vision to create experiences, particularly leading women, to find deeper connections with our Mother Earth.  Hopewood shares that commitment and incorporates sustainable understanding,  responsible personal actions and an appreciation of cultural uniqueness and it’s role in conservation and preservation into every adventure experience.  

Mimi and I have a shared passion for leading trips and Mimi was drawn to the Eco-wellness  Adventures offed by Holistic Journeys Casa Luna Portadathroughout Costa Rica and Central America.  Both Mimi and I share a deep love for Costa Rica and it’s diverse life zone, critters, birds, plants and of course FUN!  Thus a new collaboration was born and we are offering it to YOU!

Your home away from home on this adventure includes two exquisite facilities; Finca Luna Nueva Lodge  , am amazing biodynamic,  sacred seed, farm to table educational jungle lodge and Buena Vista Adventure Lodge, our setting to relax, reflect and base our last adventure, exploring Rincon de la Vieja  from.  It is also conveniently close to the Liberia International airport.

Mimi and I both invite YOU to explore the mystery, beauty and peace of Costa Rica.  Sustainable Adventure and an exploration of Wellness  is calling, why not join us. In the words of Thoreou, “Go forth under the open sky and listen to Natures Teachings.”  This is an amazing opportunity to Find Yourself and a Sense of Place in the World!  

Contact Rebecca Wood of Hopewood Holistic Health for more information or to register.  Make sure you k with a buddy and take advantage of Early Bird Discounts.    Feel free to call or email and don’t forget to share this blog and adventure with your friends and family.   

For more information on Mimi Morrison and TEA contact her at or   You can also contact me, Rebecca  to register or for any additional details or questions, I look forward to speaking with you.

“We must go beyond textbooks, go out into the bypaths and untrodden depths of the wilderness and travel and explore and tell the world the glories of our journey”.  John Hope Franklin

Here we go again… Holistic Journeys & friends, 2018 Adventures!

Holistic Journeys is offering two amazing Adventures in Wellness this 2018. Join Mimi Morrison of  Touch the Earth Adventures and  me (Rebecca ) of Hopewood Holistic Health for a Kayak, Hike, Hotsprings and Gentle Yoga experience in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica.  Our adventure will take us along the shores of Lake Arenal, down the Penas Blancas River and to the National Park of Ricon de la Viejo…. that’s just part of the adventure.  Our accommodations are stellar: Finca Luna Neuva and Buena Vista Lodge will be our home for this journey and you will have plenty of time just to swim, sit, listen and be in this tropical paradise.

March 3-10th take us to the Blue Zone of Costa Rica near Uvita.  We will SUP board the Whale’s Tail, hike the bamboo forests, meditate in waterfalls and kayak the mangroves.  Daily Yoga and creative Art Exploration will again open your heart, mind and body to being the best you can be…. Join Lura, Val and me for this tropical beach excursion into YOU!

To register for either of these travel events contact contact Rebecca at 7400-590-3954 or email me at  No questions to small so give a shout and let’s see how we can ensure you are a part of this Adventure in Wellness.

The Arts & Science in Wellness 2017 Memories

Spring is Here but the Memories of The Art & Science in Wellness are held dear…

Revisiting our 2017 Holistic Journey in Costa Rica

yoga, art, meditation, costa ric
The Art the Science of Wellness in Costa Rica

It was an honor and an extraordinary adventure in Wellness, Culture, Yoga, Herbs and Art, to host this past February ‘s Holistic Journey in Costa Rica.  The group smiled from day one and each participant brought their own unique personality and gifts to compliment our goals of ‘Finding Ourselves through the World’ and rekindling our commitment to health, yoga, meditation, healthy food and habits, laughter and cultivating a creative spirit.

Contemplating our Creativity

We could not have been more fortunate to land at Finca Luna Nueva (please take time to check them out  – you can’t go wrong incorporating their amazing sustainable, bio-dynamic farm to table venue into your next Costa Rican Adventure). The staff and guides were attentive, knowledgeable, and FUN.  The food and kitchen staff, OMG…yes, it was hard to leave and know I had to return home to cook for myself (and I love to cook!)


The rooms, be they private bungalows or shared spacious doubles, were comfortable and quaint when quiet time was needed or  time just to relax and reflect.  The amazing pool, hot tub (fed with mountain fresh water,) dining area, massage room, hiking trails, and on-site workshops offered something for everyone at all times.

art meditation
It’s all about the focus

Our daily yoga was shared by skilled  and unique instructors Valarie Dearing, Lura Shopteau and myself. Afternoon meditation, art, and herbal explorations offered more than the experience of your average yoga get-away.

I particularly resonated the tropical beauty of Costa Rica and with each person’s own inner ability to pull images from their mind and surroundings to place on paper with ink, flowers, or paint during Valerie’s incredible guided art explorations.  I will continue this technique in my home in the foothills of Appalachia, as art is an amazing meditation technique for being fully present and aware of the beauty that surrounds us.

So, thanks to all who joined in the journey and see you all, new and old followers of ‘Holistic Journeys’ in next year’s Costa Rican Adventure (and a new experience in Guatemala!)  Watch our website and Facebook for dates and details.  Be sure to take advantage of early bird registration!! Remember it’s time to take time, and find yourself through the world.

Holistic Journeys Costa Rica 2017 Waterfall
Adventure Explorations

Departure is Drawing Near

Ahhhh, a beautifulimg_1918l autumn and super moon is bestowed upon Southeastern Ohio…. I am grateful for so many things; friends, family, nature surrounding me, my purrring kitties.  As the temperatures drop and frost is coating the remaining garden of cold hearty greens.

I love my long walks in brisk temperatures and ponder snow angels and skiing,  yearn to slow down, retreat inside, enjoy a hot lavender bath with a good book  and yet I am also drawn to the land of tropical delights jungle sounds,  oceans, and a new set of medicinal plants to smell, taste, img_2122use and be thankful for.

This years trip to  Finca Luna Neuva  and Hotel Bougainvillea  is fast approaching. and because of the of the elections and hesitation and fear of many  we are extending our Early Bird savings and registration to Dec. 1st.  Please consider taking advantage of this opportunity to find wellness through yoga, nature, art, meditation, relaxation and healing herbs.  Find new dimensions of yourself through the world of culture, travel, new horizons.

I extend thanks to Fcasa_luna_roominca Luna for supporting us on that deadline extension.   It really is Time to Take Time…. join us in the jungles and beauty of Costa Rica, Join us at Finca Luna and explore sustainable ways to work with the bounty of nature.  Walk the trails of Finca Luna and take the time just to be in this exquisite setting.
So come, explore yoga, meditation and art with Rebecca, Lura and Val.   Share what is good about our cultuimg_1586re with the lovely culture of Costa Rica.  I myself am particularly excited about the direction of Creative Art Play and Mudra work Chakra balancing and just in personal expression and freedom of paint brush in hand.  The  inner me…. coming out.  It’s one of the most freeing expediences I know, and Valerie is amazing at leading these workshops.

So make your dreams come true find yourself in a tropical paradise this winter, find your creative side, your quiet side, contact me at Hopwood Holistic Health with questions or to register.  It’s Time….IMG_8071


Meet Valerie Dearing one of your Hosts for The Art and Science in Wellness, Feb. 4-11, 2017

valeriedearingnasteMeet Valerie Dearing one of the three wise and wonderful women collaborating with Hopewood Holistic Health in The Art and Science in Wellness  Feb. 4-11, 2017 . This Costa Rican Eco-Wellness Adventure will be hosted at Finca Luna Neuva near Fortuna and Lake Arenal with our last night accommodation at the boutique garden paradise, Hotel Bougainvillea.

Valerie is a seasonal Artist in Residence at The Omega Institute of Holistic Health in Rhinebeck, New York and a long term art, yoga and qi gong instructor in Ohio.  She is currently moving her home and base of practice to Vermont, so watch for up coming classes, retreats and workshop in the great NE, you just might find me there as well.

Valerie will share in the adventure while providing exceptional opportunities for introspection, creative movement and expressive creativity. Valerie brings years of yoga, qi gong and art exploration to this retreat.  Her philosophy in yoga and creative art exploration is to promote the wisdom of living incorporating the traditional ancient poses, breathwork, meditation, and stillness with expressive art outlets to nurture your inner voice and to hone your  outer observations. 

Her studentsrisingandfalling share that they enjoy better sleep, focus, strength, balance, posture, flexibility, and deeper relaxation after classes.  Valerie has also trained in therapeutic Qi Gong and Tai Chi for healing post traumatic stress, cancer, depression, knee and back pain, heart problems, arthritis, and MS. Additional certifications include;  Yin Yoga, Laughter Yoga, Iyengar Yoga and Kundalini.  Her classes nourish physical, mental, and spiritual wellness using gentle stretches, twists, core strengthening, and balance practices. These simple movements and meditations can help enhance the immune system and restore and renew your energy.  Yes, it’s time to take time and I for one look forward to Val’s classes. 

All yoga and mind-body classes, be they with Val, Lura or myself,  are geared toward  mid level skill and experience but are also perfect for those with advanced  skills, those new to yoga or for those who wish to improve their mind/body health by moving slowly and mindfully, delving into creative art or just taking time to be and be well.  

One of the very special gifts Val will  offer  is her Creative Art Expression workshops. She will guide us in the creathealingheartedion of Healing and Nature based Mandalas as a part of our Chakra exploration and will offer other integrated art sessions in Sumi Ink drawing and Solarized Botanical Plates to help us capture the energy and the moment.   Aspects of these art sessions will be integrated into herb and sacred seed walks, farm tour and plant gatherings for herbal preparations and plant spirit meditation.  This is an exceptional chance to play, create, explore  and find yourself through the world of yoga, art, culture and natural beauty.

On a pchurch1ersonal note, it has been such a joy to get to know Valerie through the years.  She trained in Hudson, Ohio, a charming Northeast Ohio town  that is home to the Old Church on the Green and The Spiritual
Life Center also quality acquaintances and yoga friends.   Valerie completed her E-RYT 200 training there and then took off with her interpretation of art, yoga and mindfulness workshops.  I have been honored to have Valerie attend various Hopewood Seasonal Yoga Workshops and have enjoyed meeting her at Angela Farmer and Victor vanKooton workshops in Yellow Springs Ohio… I was thrilled when Val and a great friend, Lynn decided to join me last winter, while I worked at Cotton Tree Lodge in southern Belize for yoga, adventure, tofu, the Cayes and more.    This is your chance to meet Val and share in a transformational, fun and loving adventure in wellness.   For more information and background on Valerie Dearing go to her websites and  For more information on The Arts and Science in Wellness Eco-Retreat contact Rebecca at  We hope to  have the pleasure of seeing you there.



New International Eco-Journeys for 2017, It’s Time to Take Time

Rebecca teaching yoga at Cotton Tree Lodge in Belize
Rebecca teaching yoga at Cotton Tree Lodge in Belize

Eco-wellness wanders with Rebecca!  Wow it’s time to start planning for two amazing Holistic Journeys  this upcoming winter.  Hopewood Holistic Health is teaming up with two Wise  and Wild Women this winter to offer, The Art and Science in Wellness Feb. 4-11, 2017.  Join me, Lura Shopteau, Yogi and Integrative Medicine Practitioner and director of Bienstar Yoga Shala in Uvita Costa Rica along with Valerie Dearing, Yogi and Omega Inst. Artist in Resident, founder of Valerie Dearing Yoga, for a truly special 8 day/7 night  eco-wellness adventure.  The tropical paradise of Costa Rica will set the stage for this exploration of wellness, nature and art , all designed to nurture your heart, your mind your soul.  

Your trip begins with transportation from the San Jose International Airport to the sustainable bio-dynamic eco-lodge, Finca Luna Nueva near Volcano Arenal.  We will spend 6 nights here, exploring the grounds through Farm, Sacred Seed, Waterfall tours and night hikes.  While at Finca Luna, we will explore tropical plants and food as medicine through healthful, ‘localvore’ meals, workshops on Tropical Medicine, Flower Essences and Hydrosols!   You are guaranteed to have fun and deepen your understanding of Pan American and Tropical herbs, their healing possibility, scared foods (chocolate) and the history of Sacred Seeds.BodyMindSpirit.jpg

Every morning, Lura, Val or I will offer an opportunity to explore various Yoga and Qi Gong techniques. This is a chance to test the waters with something new or delve deeper into your existing practice.  We will offer Yin, Kundalini, Hatha Flow, Iyengar, Partner and MRF (Myofascial Release) selfcare classes integrated with Qi Gong breath and flow.  You can schedule  privates in yoga, Qi gong or MFR if you wish to deepen  your skill or forestmed11have personal needs and questions.   Lura, Val and I will also be sharing  afternoon or evening sessions in meditation, art exploration and Chakra  Awareness & Balancing.  All workshops and classes are open to participants and scheduled around various eco-tours to ensure you experience as much as there is to offer, but know, you can join in or just take time for yourself  as this is your chance to let go, relax and be present in one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

We will transfer on the morning of our seventh day to the boutique accommodations of Hotel Bougainvillea.   This will give us a chance to reflect, rest, relax and enjoy the shear beauty of Bougainvillea’s grounds, gardens and pool.  The hotel is situated a convenient 20 minutes from the International airport so your last day shuttle will be worry free.  We will enjoy one last eco-adventure along our three hour journey to Hotel Bougainvillea so you can experience one more tropical delight that the tiny county called the Cost of Riches has to offer, but your have to be there to know what it is.   This experience is all inclusive once you IMG_1361arrive in county at the San Jose International Airport, all for the Amazing Price of   $1,475.00-1,575.00   based on double or triple occupancy.  A $300.00 non-refundable deposit due by Nov. 1st . Pay in full upon registration, save $100!, you can’t beat that.  A sir charge of $100.00 applies after Nov. 1st . Round trip air, tips and gratuities not included and we request you have your own international travel & health coverage. 

For Information or to register Contact  Rebecca Wood  at 740-590-3954 or or and on facebook/hopewoodhealth!

For more specific information on teachers and programs contact Lura Shopteau at  506-8505-1369 or and Valerie Dearing at 330-397-1250 or   Find and follow us on facebook and instagram for updates, pictures and specials!  Once you register a full daily itinerary will be sent to you.


For our second Central American Adventure of 2017 Rebecca and Hopewood Holistic Health is thrilled to join the incredible offerings of Arts and Cultural Travel for an UnBelizable experience Belize; Through the Lens and Beyond!  Join  me and Botanist, Herbalist, Author, Photographer Steven Foster and special guest Herbalist, Author Dr. Rostia Arvigo Feb 12-19  2017 (yes, I am a busy gal this winter, but how lucky am I.  As Rumi said “Travel brings power back into your life” ).  Steven and I will share our love of tropical plants, nature, birds, Mayan history & culture from the Rain-forests of the Cayo District to the Reefs of Southwater Caye.

The backdrop for the first five days of this Eco-Botanical & Photography Adventure  extraordinaire is the lovely DuPlooy’s Rain-forest Lodge.   Explore the surrounding grounds of The Belize Botanical gardens and hikes and tours of neighboring Eco-Resort, Chaa Creek.   Daily field sessions and adventures with Steven will sharpen your photographic skills, be it with camera or I-phone, helping you to capture the beauty of plants, nature or landscapes.  Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned photographer…in Steven’s words “You do not need sophisticated, expensive equipment to take great photographs. It’s more about understanding simple concepts – lighting, being in the right place at the right time, and patience. I will show you have to get great photographs with whatever camera you own.”  Steven is an old, dear friend and herbal mentor, I know your will love spending time with him as much as I do.  All workshops and  adventure outings are designed to capture the culture, botany and exquisite natural beauty of Belize and a glimpse of neighboring Guatemala.  Tours include; Barton Creek Cave canoe tour, Mayan archaeological sites in Belize and Guatemala and the inland Blue Hole.

Sunset SW Caye
Sunset SW Caye

Ahh, but, we aren’t done yet.  You will spend your last two nights on Southwater Caye, one of the most pristine cayes on Belize’s Barrier Reef.  Listen to the waves lap the shore under you cabana, tour the surrounding cayes and reefs by boat and kayak and for be sure  to just take time to sit, ponder, wonder and wander…..

Pricing for this trip is just about done, it is all dependent upon the numbers of participants minimum 6 max 15  but we are looking at $2,700-3,200. So, if Photography, Herbs, Wellness, History and or Culture are your interest, grab a friend and sigh up now!    It’s an amazing opportunity to travel, explore and learn form the talented, skilled  and fun hosts.  Let us and our local expert guides will share our love of Belize’s Botanical, Natural and Cultural secrets.  This is all inclusive adventure once you are picked up at the Belize International Airport and you’ll love the flight back from Dangriga  to the airport mid morning of your last day, making for a spectacular and EZ transition  from Belize to home.

To register or get more information  on pricing and workshops or tours please contact  For more general questions or to get to know your hosts check out or hey, me Rebecca at

Stay tuned for more information on any of these tours and follow us on facebook, instagram and our individual web sites.