Meeting Your co-host for Holistic Journey’s Costa Rican Adventures March 16-24 2018

Hopewood Holistic Health loves to collaborate with talented and skilled professionals and upcoming 2018 Holistic Journeys  features some of the best,  so follow me as you take a moment to explore Mimi  Morrison and Touch the Earth Adventures and find out just where this adventure is going to take you!  Rebecca Wood 

Hopewood is thrilled to collaborate with Mimi Morrison of Touch the Earth Adventures. (TEA)   Mimi launched TEA in 1994.  She shared “It was and is her mission to create outdoor adventures to empower women and to encourage them to find connection with Mother Earth”.  Holistic Journeys shares that mission (for women, men, children and families) and loves creating an environment that facilitates everyone in ‘finding a sense of place, wonder and ahhhh in the world’.  

Mimi, a native of Southeast Ohio, lives with the forested hills, cliffs, lakes and rivers and uses them as the platform to share her love of earth energy with others by leading hiking and kayaking trips.   She has lead groups in Cape Cod, North and South Carolina, Virginia as well as  every nook and cranny known to outdoor enthusiasts in SE Ohio.

The inspiration to create Touch the Earth Adventures began from a lifetime exploring the outdoors and immersing herself  in the Wilderness, by canoe, in Quetico in Canada.  I’ve been there and Wow, what a beautiful and remote piece of paradise and throughout the eastern seaboard and Southern Appalachia mountains.  During one of these trips Mimi experienced a  chance and powerful encounter with a  Native American who was walking to DC to protest eservation conditions.  After that encounter, Mimi had a vision to create experiences, particularly leading women, to find deeper connections with our Mother Earth.  Hopewood shares that commitment and incorporates sustainable understanding,  responsible personal actions and an appreciation of cultural uniqueness and it’s role in conservation and preservation into every adventure experience.  

Mimi and I have a shared passion for leading trips and Mimi was drawn to the Eco-wellness  Adventures offed by Holistic Journeys Casa Luna Portadathroughout Costa Rica and Central America.  Both Mimi and I share a deep love for Costa Rica and it’s diverse life zone, critters, birds, plants and of course FUN!  Thus a new collaboration was born and we are offering it to YOU!

Your home away from home on this adventure includes two exquisite facilities; Finca Luna Nueva Lodge  , am amazing biodynamic,  sacred seed, farm to table educational jungle lodge and Buena Vista Adventure Lodge, our setting to relax, reflect and base our last adventure, exploring Rincon de la Vieja  from.  It is also conveniently close to the Liberia International airport.

Mimi and I both invite YOU to explore the mystery, beauty and peace of Costa Rica.  Sustainable Adventure and an exploration of Wellness  is calling, why not join us. In the words of Thoreou, “Go forth under the open sky and listen to Natures Teachings.”  This is an amazing opportunity to Find Yourself and a Sense of Place in the World!  

Contact Rebecca Wood of Hopewood Holistic Health for more information or to register.  Make sure you k with a buddy and take advantage of Early Bird Discounts.    Feel free to call or email and don’t forget to share this blog and adventure with your friends and family.   

For more information on Mimi Morrison and TEA contact her at or   You can also contact me, Rebecca  to register or for any additional details or questions, I look forward to speaking with you.

“We must go beyond textbooks, go out into the bypaths and untrodden depths of the wilderness and travel and explore and tell the world the glories of our journey”.  John Hope Franklin