Departure is Drawing Near

Ahhhh, a beautifulimg_1918l autumn and super moon is bestowed upon Southeastern Ohio…. I am grateful for so many things; friends, family, nature surrounding me, my purrring kitties.  As the temperatures drop and frost is coating the remaining garden of cold hearty greens.

I love my long walks in brisk temperatures and ponder snow angels and skiing,  yearn to slow down, retreat inside, enjoy a hot lavender bath with a good book  and yet I am also drawn to the land of tropical delights jungle sounds,  oceans, and a new set of medicinal plants to smell, taste, img_2122use and be thankful for.

This years trip to  Finca Luna Neuva  and Hotel Bougainvillea  is fast approaching. and because of the of the elections and hesitation and fear of many  we are extending our Early Bird savings and registration to Dec. 1st.  Please consider taking advantage of this opportunity to find wellness through yoga, nature, art, meditation, relaxation and healing herbs.  Find new dimensions of yourself through the world of culture, travel, new horizons.

I extend thanks to Fcasa_luna_roominca Luna for supporting us on that deadline extension.   It really is Time to Take Time…. join us in the jungles and beauty of Costa Rica, Join us at Finca Luna and explore sustainable ways to work with the bounty of nature.  Walk the trails of Finca Luna and take the time just to be in this exquisite setting.
So come, explore yoga, meditation and art with Rebecca, Lura and Val.   Share what is good about our cultuimg_1586re with the lovely culture of Costa Rica.  I myself am particularly excited about the direction of Creative Art Play and Mudra work Chakra balancing and just in personal expression and freedom of paint brush in hand.  The  inner me…. coming out.  It’s one of the most freeing expediences I know, and Valerie is amazing at leading these workshops.

So make your dreams come true find yourself in a tropical paradise this winter, find your creative side, your quiet side, contact me at Hopwood Holistic Health with questions or to register.  It’s Time….IMG_8071