The Journey is the Destination

As with any practice, adventure or new experience, the ‘journey is the distenation .  Quite true if we are embracing the practice of being fully present!  Is there a true end? Yes, no, maybe?  I like achieving goals and if we never set one do we end up where we want.  If we do set one and achieve it the bends in the road often take us in a different direction, a totally new end that wasn’t in sight becomes a ‘distention untold’.

Traveling, trading, jumping in with both feet while living in different countries is often like that.  New people on their own adventures come your way.  They share their story, a bit of their life, where they are going and it adds color to the pallet of  your life mural.  Your practice (yoga, meditation, etc.  falls off a bit as you fit into a new scene, but as you meander back your body and experiences open new possibilities or learning moments (pain, insight) to