Yin Yoga Central American Style

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Explore the benefits of Yin  and Inquiry based Yoga, learn to let go and flow into your body. This winter Rebecca will be sharing her love of Yin and Inquiry Yoga with her friends in Orosi, Costa Rica, The Yucatan and Belize. This is a   new project to break boundaries and language through yoga and play! Stay tuned and join in the fun.

Easy is Right

by Chuang Tzu  from the Tao; State and the Art by Osho

Easy is right. Begin right and you are easy.

Continue easy, and you are right.

The right way to go easy is to forget  the right way and forget that the going is easy.

So what is Yin and Inquiry Based Yoga?  Yin Yoga was brought to the forefront as a yoga practice by Paul Grilley and carried further by teachers like Biff Mithoefer, Cheri Clampett and Sarah Powers. Originating from a martial arts practice and Taoist philosophy, Yin Yoga embraces the cool or more feminine side of yoga; punctuating the importance of balance, acceptance, patience and observation. It activates the 6 large meridians that flow through the trunk of the body and down the extremities o the legs, activating  acupressure points and the flow of energy throughout. According to the Tao, balance can only truly exist between the boundaries of Yin and Yang,but it seems to be a perfect compliment to our busy western or modern attitude and life and  more so how many styles of modern, western yoga have embedded our, busy, pushy nature into the our interpretation and practice of  of yoga, creating a mostly forceful, competitive Yang (and dare I say, adolescent)  practice. Many have lost sight of how a  gentle approach may release physical and emotional traumas and dis ease through understanding,   acceptance and supporting our bodies innate ability to heal itself.  While there may be a function and a place for any and all yoga, Yin seems to be a more natural exploration, honoring the body where it i,s at any age, any ability or disability and seeks to encourage equanimity, healing and enhanced awareness within and out.

I was led to Yin through my search for a new approach to yoga and to heal some back injuries and work frustrations     My serious practice evolved in my early days from Iyengar and a more forceful practice. I then found or embraced Restorative through Judith Lasater, Un-Yoga Teacher Training’s with Victor and Angela (this not only changed my life but my relationship to my body). I still attend workshops with them when ever I am able or they are in country) and I have explored and appreciate workshops with  Doug Keller and Mukunda Stiles Structural and Therapeutic Practices. I eventually found  Don and Amba Stapleton, now of  Nosara Yoga and Biff Mithoefer and the practice of Inquiry and Yin Yoga.

I know my past yoga kept we walking after some serious and chronic injuries, but finding Don and Amba  and Yin through Biff, solidified the my practice and approach to life.  They complimented many of my prior teachers, especially Victor and Angela and with the techniques of Inquiry and Pranassage changed my body’s response to old issues.   It also changed my attitude and outlook.

Today I take these skills and techniques (coupled with new training in myofasical release) to my clients, students and in my self care practice in what I have developed as Integrated Body Alignment (IBA).  Flowing with your body, giving the tissues time to unwind, let go, heal is following the watercourse way.  There may be a periodic flood or tumoultous waterfall, but eventually the river finds its’ banks and continues it’s jouney. I love this metaphor, as I was a raft guide and fairly skilled OC-1 white water boater.  Really, you can’t fight the river, you have to flow with it to enjoy the ride.  I encorage you to find a practice, keep a practice, share a practice, but a kind and observant practice, one with joy, laughter and  challengees.  Make this paractice your watercourse way.   I wish you all the blessings of self exploration of an exciting, adventoursom and caring ride!   Really, Go With the Flow…Namaste’  Rebecca